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How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Sometimes a steak grilled on an open flame just simply hits differently . Today, I will show you how I have begun to achieve a steak quality that will be unmatched, on the grill.

Now, grilling steak can seem intimidating, but fear not as I have found the secrets to grilling the perfect steak , and by the end of this weekend you will have grilled the perfect steak. Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done at home , I don’t even order steaks when we go out to dinner anymore, because it’s always a disappointment now (sorry, this will ruin it for you as well).

Grilling the perfect steak is really only about 3 simple things: selection, seasoning, and timing. Once we get these three figured out we will be well on our way to grilling steak.


Grilling the perfect steak starts with selecting the perfect steak . Head to your grocery store meat department and check out what’s on display. What you are looking for is a steak that is marbled with fat , but not grissel. The go to cuts are often Ribeyes and New York Strips, or Filet, but even a sirloin steak will work here (sirloins tend to be lean ). Do not be afraid to ask your butcher for his recommendation, they like talking meat with fellow meat eaters.


Here is where we will really make our steaks sing, what are we going to season it with. Listen, you can to and buy a fancy bottle of seasoning to spread on it, but I think the simpler the better here. We’re going to stick with the simple salt, pepper , garlic on our perfect steak. That’s all we need, a real steak that allows the wonderful beefy flavors to shine through.


Now is where we approach the delicate side of grilling the perfect steak, it’s all about timing here . Like Bob Ross painting a picture, it’s all going to come together now, a happy little steak.

Atleast 1 hr , but not long enough to let your steak get too warm , get your steaks out of the refrigerator. Steaks need to come up close to room temperature, it allows them to cook evenly throughout.

When you pull the steaks out, give them a light dusting of a coarse salt, I use sea salt. This will help draw moisture out of the meat, creating an almost bark like finish on the steaks when we cook. This isn’t an absolute step, but it adds a little extra when eating the steak.

During this time, I also like to season my steak up so it has plenty of time to absorb some flavors throughout the meat. What I like to do is combine my pepper and minced garlic (fresh or dried) , until I have about a 2 to 1 mixture of pepper to garlic . (You can also use garlic powder but don’t use as much , ) Combine these in a small bowl or a shaker for even coverage, and sprinkle it lightly onto your steak. Get both sides and all the edges.

You do not want the steak to be completely overpowered by seasoning, moreso you want the seasoning to enhance the steaks already great flavor.

At this point, while the steaks are hanging out and coming up to room temp, fire up the grill. You know your grill, so if charcoal it’ll need to be earlier than if it were a gas grill, etc. You want your grill screaming hot 🔥 for these steaks to be perfect . Atleast 500 degrees at the grate. We’re gonna sear this babies the proper way.

Timing on the Grill

So your grill is hot and the steaks are close to an even temperature and seasoned, let’s throw it down. When putting the steaks on the grill , give them a press into the grate to get awesome sear marks.

What we want to do here is grill the steaks hot and fast while giving them that classic steakhouse grill mark look. In order to achieve this we need grill them and turn the steaks 1/4 turns every 1 1/2 to 3 minutes. When we turn them, you want to place them on a new, hot spot on the grill in order to have the most success. After you turn your steak, wait another 1 1/2 to 3 minutes , and flip the steak , before you want to find a new hot spot on the grill, and press it into the grate. 1 1/2 to 3 more minutes and another turn (place, turn, flip, turn ) .

After 1 minute we need to check our temperature. Usually I pull them off here, but to be exact , we need a temperature probe to check the exact temp!

Ok, here’s something they don’t tell you which will set you apart. After you pull steaks off the grill , they will continue to cook for a few minutes. So, you want to pull them just before you hit a desired target temperature on these steaks we just grilled.

125 for rare , 135 for medium rare, 145 for medium. No, I’m not going higher, you figure it out from there. Actually, if they ask for well done just throw it to the dog.

If your steak isn’t quite where you want it yet, don’t worry. Let it hang out just a short time and it’ll be there !Once you hit the target temp, pull them off and put them on a plate, pan, whatever , and loosely cover with some foil.

Let your steak rest !

Seriously, let the steaks rest

This may be the most important step to the whole cook. Let it rest. This step is vital in making sure the steak comes to a good even cook, and it will even reabsorb those delicious juices. Your guests won’t know what hit them. I know, your mouth is watering at this point, but seriously, crack a beer and let the anticipation take hold. After about 10 minutes (1 good beer) , you can serve the steaks to your guests.

There you have it, the perfect grilled steak. Steak always pairs nicely with a good baked potato and asparagus or another green vegetable, as well as a dark beer to enjoy.

The Perfect Grilled Steak : What You Need


Seasonings: Coarse Salt , pepper, garlic (minced, fresh, powder all work)


Beer, grab a 6 pack of your favorites to share while grilling and during dinner with your dad.


  • Allow steaks to come to even temp, around room temperature
  • While steaks are evening out, go ahead and season with coarse salt, pepper and garlic
  • Fire up grill, get it hot
  • Crack beer
  • Put steaks on into first position, pressing down onto grate
  • After 1.5-3 min, turn 1/4 turn on new/hot grate position
  • Another 1.5-3 minutes, flip steaks onto hot grate position
  • 1.5-3 minutes turn a 1/4 turn into hot position on grate
  • 1 minute, check temp, again looking to pull steaks for rest slightly before desired internal temp
  • Pull steaks when desired internal temp hits, cover loosely in foil.
  • Finish beer with friends while they complain about waiting
  • Serve and enjoy 🙂

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